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August 11, 2009


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One of my former clients just notified me yesterday that a book I helped him write will be released next month by Wiley and Sons Publishing. And, he was kind enough to acknowledge me in his book!  Thanks, DC from San Diego!


August 9, 2009

Patti McKenna, Published Author, Ghostwriter, and Editor

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Patti McKenna

Patti McKenna

Everyone wants to write, but not everyone has the time, experience, or the talent to write well. However, the ability to write fluently, with consistency and style, is the key to successful business, marketing, and sales. It’s also the difference between a good story and a great story, a manuscript and a bestseller, and a piece of art that produces word of mouth advertising and recommendations.
Whether you’re looking for a ghostwriter to pen your memoirs, a co-author for an amazing story, or a copywriter for your marketing endeavors, you need a successful and experienced writer to turn your message into compelling and interesting copy that delivers.
I offer professional writing services that produce results. As a published author, I’m familiar with the industry and can assist you with the process, as well. The publishing industry is tough to break. From penning attention-grabbing query letters or book proposals, each step of the process must meet certain criteria in order to capture the attention of literary agents and publishing companies.
Interested in self publishing? I’ve ghostwritten, edited, formatted, and layed out many manuscripts for self-published authors, providing them with a professional book that expresses their own individuality and message. I’ll be happy to discuss your project with you and provide you with my professional recommendations and suggestions to make your manuscript the best it can possibly be.
As an editor, I have a keen eye for grammar, punctuation, and spelling. The crafting of a sentence is often the difference between average writing and exceptional writing. While maintaining your voice and tone, I’ll provide you with a polished manuscript that is free from errors.
My rates are affordable and flexible. I’m willing to provide price quotes on an hourly, word, or project basis.  Your business and satifaction are important to me, and I’ll strive to provide you with the quality and professionalism you deserve at all times.
Contact me via email at:, or feel free to call me at 815-263-5017. I look forward to hearing from you.

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